Trauma-Informed Care Services and Support

Integration Solutions, LLC. provides a wide range of training programs to educate stakeholders and key institutions about trauma-informed care and resilience. We are committed to equipping you with requisite knowledge and skills to help you serve your community better.

Live Classes, Webinars, and On Demand Workshops

Integration Solutions, LLC. is committed to providing the highest excellence in professional development. We do this through face to face workshops, audio and webinar conferences, and on demand courses. 

Some of our professional development workshops have been offered several times and these can be seen below. However, our trainers work with customers to build the content around your needs. 

We can build new curriculums based on your needs, offer the content in person, via a webinar or tape the content and offer it on demand. 

We now offer on demand classes in our new Learning Management System ... check us out here ... 

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Trauma Certification Program with NASW (Virginia Chapter)

Integration Solutions, LLC. is excited to partner with the Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers in offering the 
Trauma Therapy Certificate: The Resilience Effect™ Training Program.

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Trauma and Resilience Basic Course and Train the Trainer

The Resilience Effect™: Understanding Adversity and Building on Resilience

Trauma and Resilience Basics Course Description

70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives, 223.4 million people. Adverse Childhood Studies show that many of these traumas occur before age 18 and result in disrupted brain development, adoption of at risk health behaviors, and increases the risk for disease, disability and social problems in children and adults, including developing physical and mental illness. The Center of Disease Control recognizes this epidemic requires a public health response at a national level, state and local level. Evidence has shown that by implementing trauma informed practices within all human service systems impacting youth, adults and their families, individuals are empowered to build their resilience and enhance their overall health and well being.

 The Resilience Effect™: Understanding Adversity and Building on Resilience

Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare selected trainers to utilize the Trauma and Resilience Basics Course in their training work within their agency as well as in offering it to community partners.