Dr. Jackson-Dyer's Ted Talk

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Dr. Jackson-Dyer in the Film: A Created Life

It has been my privilege to get to know Coreen Zallot over the past several years. I consider her such a courageous woman, colleague and friend. It was an honor to be a part of her work and I am thrilled to see her film being recognized at the 2019 Jerome and Indie Film and Music Festival. I encourage you to watch and give support to her fantastic work and life of healing.



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Dr. Jackson-Dyer in Film: Resiliency Matters

It was such an honor in May of 2019 to work with Dr. Mollie Marti. Her show is just phenomenal and I hope that her viewership increases across the country.

I encourage you to watch her interview with me where we discuss the ACEs study and implications for individual and community resilience building.

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