What We Aim For

At Integration Solutions, LLC., we aim to contribute to the advancement of organizations and communities well being. We do this by raising awareness about trauma and demonstrating that resilience is possible when proper information and support is given.

Educate the Community

Trauma doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to children and adults alike, across different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

At the heart of trauma-informed care is sensitivity to the individual’s past and current experiences, as well as a deep understanding of how those events molded him or her into the person that he or she is today. As experts in this field, we aim to educate our clients and our community about how they can help people who are in this situation. Instead of negatively reinforcing external behavior through punishment, organizations across communities should seek ways to support children and adults who have experienced trauma by providing them with methods of self-regulation while also helping them improve their emotional and relational coping skills.

Inspire Change

We are passionate about helping people recover from their painful experiences in the past. To widen our reach, we work closely with institutions that are usually in close contact with trauma patients, such as:

  • Judges
  • Court personnel
  • Adult and youth correctional systems
  • Re-entry program providers
  • Child and family advocates, such as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Child and adult welfare workers
  • Court service personnel (juvenile and adult probation and parole)
  • Primary care and health care professionals
  • Educators (K-12)
  • Vocational program institutions
  • Faith-based leaders and communities
  • Public health leadership team
  • Other stakeholders across child, family, and adult human service systems that want to enhance the nation’s trauma-informed care system